Myrsol After Shave Range – Agua Balsamica

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Now we go for the Agua Balsámica (Balsamic Water). No menthol. You will go believe that you are at the Mediterranean countryside, arguably the best place in the world to live! Rosemary, thyme, spike lavender! Oh dear! What a peace of mind! What a charm! With Le Pere Lucien shaving soap it combines wonderfully. With Martin de Candre too. Well, you can see that in addition to science, I give you information, poetry and some opinion. It is what it is. I am this way. You should accept me as I am.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol Metilsol.

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Myrsol After Shave Range – Emulsion

Hi friends.
Here we are to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients char Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Well, we start with the Emulsion. The flagship product. From the early 40s. The first that made Mr Miquel. The inimitable, the genuine. Nothing like it. Smell as the old barbershops, and slightly mentholated. It can be used as PRE and AFTER SHAVE, and even in substitution of the shaving soap. You can mix it with any lotion at the hand, too. To go to the snow. To go to the beach. For body milk and cold cream for the legs of the beloved SWMBO. A friend of mine says “it is the elixir of love. And when he wears it, his wife cannot restrain herself”. Ah, the love! Friends, fly you to buy it, love can not wait!

The rear label says it is nourishing, soothing, emollient, hemostatic, analgesic, and antiseptic. I think it is a “must”. I prefer lotions, but it is always at home, for when I want more nourishing effect.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol Agua Balsamica.

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Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Hi friends.
I plan to go posting some info, opinion, and pics in next weeks, if you let me explain something about the Myrsol After Shave range. Will not be formal reviews, just my thoughts.

First things first. Here an ingredients chart to see the differences. The number is the order of the ingredient in the INCI.

And now, some pictures intended to enabling you, to upset your anxiety level. I know, I know, I’m a little devil.

Next post will be about Myrsol Emulsion, the flagship product.

Regards, The Good Doctor.

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VIE-LONG 16910 Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger

About a month ago I have this great brush. I chose it and wanted to buy it, but Oscar Julian, at Vie-Long did not let me to pay. I did not want  to be stubborn. It would have been an insult. Oscar’s a good man, accesible and with good conversation. Not a smug man. He does not want to pretend to be what he is not. It is an honest and simple man, like many of us. But it is also the first manufacturer of brushes from Spain, and the world leader in horse hair brushes. You will have details of the conversation, but that will be another time later.

The brush is a cuteness. It works great. It’s nothing excessively floppy. It has the right softness and backbone, and knot measures are outrageously perfect and suitable for lathering in the face, at least for me. A large knot is not necessary to generate a lot of lather. This knot of 21 mm to 48.5 mm loft, not stops generating lather, if you have been generous when loading the soap. I always load soap for 1 minute, after that, I lather in my face, and then I load soap again 15 or 20 seconds, and repeat lathering in face to complete the first pass. This way the brush keeps enough lather for several passes. Once I shave, I do not come back with the brush to the soap.

Regards, The Good Doctor.

PS: You can buy it here

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Razor MD Herbal Blend Shaving Cream (non lathering)

I shave in the shower. I’m a “shower shaver”.

I usually use a shaving brush and soap. But today I will talk about a non lathering cream. It comes ready to apply with hand and give a preparatory massage with your fingers.

The cream is Razor MD, Herbal Blend. It comes in a large jar, 224 grams, 95 mm diameter and 50 mm high. The jar is properly sealed to our peace and safety.

In the shower, with wet face, this cream spreads excellently with fingers. The texture is like toothpaste or something thinner. A heaped teaspoon of coffee is enough for each pass (I do not like to put my fingers inside the cream jars to not contaminate them, and usually use spoons or spatulas). The aroma and cooling sensation on the face are good, very nice. The cream does not lather, but leaves a very slippery and protective cushion for the safety razor. With the Gillette Fusion multi-blade, it works perfectly, not plugging up the space between blades and shaving is equally effective and enjoyable. So I think it’s a good option for people who shave in the shower (or in front of mirror) and do not use a shaving brush. Really much better, for much, than canned foam or gel pot.

As I say, the aroma is great, I love it. I realise some lavender and other things. And if during shaving it behaves fabulously, in terms of protection and slip, the after shave’s feeling it provides is also very good, above average, in my opinion. Leaves skin very smooth and moisturized. After use, the post-shave lotion of any brand you love does its job well.

I do not usually use these products because I like the ritual of the brush. But I can only speak well of it. If I wanted to travel and take no brush, this cream would be an ideal candidate to travel in my vanity case, although a tube would be much more comfortable than this jar, which is not small.

I have learned to use it well, and to economize it. One trick that can be helpful to you, is to not rinse the razor with water to remove the cream, but shake from side over the left hand to reapply the cream back in the face for successive passes of retouches or changing direction.

Regards, The Good Doctor.

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Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond DE Razor (Model DE3DE14BL)

Dear friends. This is not a formal review. These are some crazy disquisitions, from an snake oil salesman, from the Good Doctor. Take what they are, do not pretend to pontificate, but help and inform someone kind enough to read them, with my best intentions. Apply your own judgment to sift through, and consider them in perspective.

A fortnight ago, courtesy of the Edwin Jagger Company, via Gifts&Care, I was gifted with this great new razor that they have released to the market recently. This is a Global Program of this Company, for gifting to certain people in the shaving forums and social networks, through their distributors. I am a customer of Gifts&Care, and I was interested in buying it about ten days before, because when I saw the handle I loved it. And Mrs. Lorena Mateu, which is very efficient and friendly, when she received these razors, certainly recalled our conversation. So I was surprised.

Here are some photos of the box and opening.

And here the razor.

Watch the handle. It is delicious. Looks like a mirror ball, the kind that’s on the roof of the disco, which reflect light when turning. When light incides on the handle, it reflects it in all directions with spectacularity. This handle, although industrial production, is of  good quality and its beauty is beyond doubt. The size is the one I like, the perfect length for me.

I have the Barley handle with this same head from a couple of years ago. I’ve used it a lot. And I like a lot. Here I put some pictures of the two together so that you can compare the handles. And this diamond handle, has much, much more grip than the Barley. It’s a nice, pleasant handle (since diamond tips are rounded), and with a lot of grip even for someone who shaves in the shower with the water running down his back like me, with fully wet hands. It’s safe, except if you have soap in your hands. With soapy hands, no handle is safe, but only with water, this handle is very safe (even the smooth ones with like the Barley). About the weight, I will say that weighs four grams less than my Barley, this diamond weighs 40 grams on my scales.

Well, here we go.

I’ve been using it intensively these past days. With Super Iridium blades, which are ones I usually use. I had not used this razor head, from some time ago. Sure, I have so many, it’s inevitable. But what can I say about its behavior that is not already said! If all is said! Come on, I’ll try.

This razor head is a very very good razor head. A good design. So I dare say it is the most copied in the world, along with another razor head of another brand. We know that many Asian razors are inspired of this razor head, or try to do. But the original has a high level of quality and spectacular finishes. The blade sits perfectly. With a perfect, symmetrical and efficient alignment. The chrome finish is very good. Perfect. Undefiled. European Quality Control.

This razor shaves like an angel, gently and effectively. It is safe and reliable, noble and predictable. You can recommend it for a beginner in classic shaving, if he is a mature man with hard beard, or beardless teenager. Do not be afraid, but do not lose respect. It can be used blindly in the shower, shaving by the touch; can be used in front of the mirror with four 60-watt bulbs; in all circumstances performs well. But I always recommend good blades, very sharpened if possible. Thus, the results are very good, at least for me, and I shave every day, all. This is a subjectively objectified statement, of course.

About the handle, aaah !, about the handle I have to say that captivated me from the moment I saw the first pictures. As some of you know , I’m owner of some of the most beautiful razor handles, some of the best ever made ​​in the world. And I can say that this handle is beautiful. Industrially manufactured, but very well made ​​. The grip it provides is substantial, but still nice in the hand. The diamond tips are slightly rounded, not pricking the fingertip. The size of the diamonds is good, easy catching, and reposition the fingers on the fly if necessary while you’re doing a pass with the razor. It is a beautiful and functional handle, a measure that fits my personal taste and my way of holding the razor and handle. It is a handle adapted to fit the hands of the majority of the population, 88 mm long and 12.5 mm in diameter with a weight of 40 grams.

Well, here you have a picture of one of my shaves. I used the pre-shave cream that is very refreshing, and samples of shaving cream and after-shave that I received along with the razor. I include in the pic my razor case, in which I was holding my Barley, but from a couple of weeks ago, I save my new razor inside.

I hope I have been helpful to someone.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, the Crazy Peddler.

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