Myrsol After Shave Range – F/EXTRA

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Formula EXTRA or F/EXTRA is something sweet. If you like old barbershop scents, you will probably like this one too. But it’s not the same. Not smells exactly the same. This is better. This is more classic, more subtle, more elegant. Ideal for applying generously, and going elegantly dressed with your linen suit to a wild night of Danzon in Havana, surrounded by females in their majestic caribbean splendor. Or leaving home by morning with a generous application. Go into the elevator of the office with a few ladies. Watch their reaction from the corner of the eye. Ha ha, I have enabled you. I know some of you, guys, are going to do this experiment.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol Agua de Limon.

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