Myrsol After Shave Range – Plastic Shave

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Plastic Shave. This is absolutely stunning! Look, it was not love at first sight. The first few times I used it, I was not felt in love with the aroma. Kind of odd. Sometimes it seemed very artificial. Sometimes a mixture of roses and talc. Old smell. But gradually it has become a “must”. I can not live without it. It is the only one with lactic acid. It gives to me a silky smooth face, or at least what I think. It is named Plastic because it has keratoplastic effect (someone can explain it, please) but it was not convenient or they not let Mr Miquel putting that word in a cosmetic, it was reserved for the pharmacopoeia. By that, he named it Plastic. It says that neutralizes bites of mosquitoes and other diptera, oh! For going to the jungle! Tarzan uses it!

This product is the second product made by Mr Miquel in the early 40s. He made it for his personal use. Mr. Miquel has an extraordinary face skin. All his life shaving with the Emulsion, without shaving soap, and using Plastic Shave. And you can see him, 94 years old and going dance twice a week, he still drives his car, and the ladies usually comment about his face skin in the ballroom. It will be his secret to youth? If so I’m going to drink one cup every night, before going to sleep, ha, ha. Please do not drink it, my friends. Just kidding!

Ah, I forgot to say. About the aroma, smeared of Plastic Shave you can go quietly to the clinic to visit a former girlfriend who has just become a mother, with a bouquet of flowers in your hand, giving her a brotherly kiss on the cheek with a delicate scent of talc and roses in your smooth face, while you tell her how lovely is her baby, and to the father that obviously the child is his, no doubt, due the resemblance, ha ha! No kidding now, friends!

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol F/EXTRA.

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