Myrsol After Shave Range – Metilsol

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Metilsol, the great unknown along with Plastic Shave. This is astringent, due to the Potassium Alum. It is an astringent/styptic and antiseptic. Often used as after shaving to prepare the skin, and to reduce bleeding in minor cuts and abrasions.

Thymol (used by The Ancient Egyptians and in the Ancient Greece) has antibacterial and fungicide properties. It is an anaesthetic, and used as an antiseptic in mouthwash and some toothpastes.

Scent very similar to Agua Balsamica, but slightly more medicinal. Probably it is the one that I use least.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol Antesol.

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