VIE-LONG 16910 Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger

About a month ago I have this great brush. I chose it and wanted to buy it, but Oscar Julian, at Vie-Long did not let me to pay. I did not want  to be stubborn. It would have been an insult. Oscar’s a good man, accesible and with good conversation. Not a smug man. He does not want to pretend to be what he is not. It is an honest and simple man, like many of us. But it is also the first manufacturer of brushes from Spain, and the world leader in horse hair brushes. You will have details of the conversation, but that will be another time later.

The brush is a cuteness. It works great. It’s nothing excessively floppy. It has the right softness and backbone, and knot measures are outrageously perfect and suitable for lathering in the face, at least for me. A large knot is not necessary to generate a lot of lather. This knot of 21 mm to 48.5 mm loft, not stops generating lather, if you have been generous when loading the soap. I always load soap for 1 minute, after that, I lather in my face, and then I load soap again 15 or 20 seconds, and repeat lathering in face to complete the first pass. This way the brush keeps enough lather for several passes. Once I shave, I do not come back with the brush to the soap.

Regards, The Good Doctor.

PS: You can buy it here

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