I love floral scents. I’m a sentimental, a romantic. I know. I love soaps and shaving creams with these scents. Simple, single flower, but also complex mixtures of sublime aromas of the best flowers. During its presence in shaving, they transported me in time and space up to the most unique places on earth. Ah, is something that is hard to describe, friends. The flowers, or you like or do not like, and I like them, I love them.

After this introduction you will think that the Good Doctor has gone mad. It is possible, but it is also possible that already was before. Our good friend, Mrs. Lorena Mateu, alma mater of Gifts & Care is aware of my tastes, and before holidays, she sent to me this travel jar of shaving cream MONDIAL ZAGARA, 75 ml. So I took it on vacation.

Here you can see it has a texture and consistency typical of Italian creams, which are rather morbid soaps. They are not like those creams of tube, the brush is loaded directly inside the jar as being soap bars.

You can see the ingredients on the back label.

The brand says in the commercial information something like this:
ZAGARA: A real elixir of pleasure. Extracted from orange and lemon flowers, it is a thick and lively fragrance, a mature and balanced petit grain brought into harmony with the euphoriant charm of jasmine flowers and a with a small note of very precious roses. The experience of a new shaving will be a concert of olfactory sensations able to give you a deep serenity.

Hey, the paragraph is nice, it almost seems written by me. I liked it a lot. The floral aroma of this blend of orange blossom, jasmine and rose scent is complex and subtle, with a moderate, I would say, but very elegant, intensity. The mixture of these flavors is very well made. I was delighted. If you like flowers, go ahead, do not doubt, try it.

The properties of the lather obtained with this cream are good. I load the brush a lot. Note that this jar is small in diameter, intended for traveling, but there are larger ones. I load the brush for a minute or almost. Rather than loading, it is already starting lathering. Then, I lather in face and often I reload about 15 or 20 seconds, and go again to lather in face.

With this cream I get a good foam with the thickness I like, that greatly facilitates the sliding of the blade. During retouches I’m getting it from side to side with my left hand so that the blade always slide over lather, and I can corroborate that lubricates well.

At the end of shave, I extend in face the remaining lather, and left a minute, as a final hydration. You know that the lather that is often left on the brush is dense and creamy, and this way the face is quite well prepared after rinsing, to accept the after shave.

And what did this summer? Well, as I said earlier, I bring it on vacation to see how the scent smells in different places. And I can say that in the central Pyrenees, Valle de Ordesa, Huesca, it smells good. In the photos above, you can see it in Torla, on the window of my bathroom, with Mondarruego Peak, and perfuming the Estrecho Waterfall in river Arazas.

Also in the French Pyrenees, in the Lac de Gaube, in front of Vignemale Peak, I can confirm that it works, and to leave no doubt, I took it to an island. Not on a desert island, but Mallorca. And here at Cape Formentor, you can also see it at the Mediterranean sea. There’s a better place?


Greetings from your friend, the Good Doctor.

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