Myrsol After Shave Range – Electric Shave

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Electric Shave. Here we go with science. Smells good, looooong better than other product for electric shave. I wanted to try it as a pre-shave, but for wet shaving, not for electric shaving, just for curiosity. To see if it was useful or not. Men, this product has nothing glamorous. At hands, it glides a lot. An strange, rare feeling at hands. It is absorbed or evaporated quickly. I think it must take a lot of alcohol. The formula is very simple. Provides an interesting freshness that lasts a long time. The face and hands were left with a feeling of interesting slip, but when dry, apparently there was no greasy film. This feeling was a bit strange for me, I usually not use these products, or other pre-shave products.

Some weeks ago, with 36 hours beard, I proceeded to try it as pre-shave. In half face. The right side. I usually shave in the shower, I’m a “shower shaver “, but that day I did out after the shower, in front of the sink and mirror, to check everything well, and for the product does not wash with shower.

I selected the gorgeous L’Occitane Cade soap, and a couple of brushes that I just restored. A brush for each half of the face, for not to contaminate with the product, and the test was better. Both Finest Badger knots, but from different suppliers.

Regarding the blade, I selected a Schick Super Krona from my friend Lambretto, which is not the smoothest one, or the sharpest one of which I have, but which provides a performance in the average or slightly above the average. The razor , the very reliable Weber ARC, a brilliant razor, which shaves closer with great smoothness, which makes good even to the bad blades. With UFO TiTAN handle.

So with all the equipment in front of the sink, Sunday morning, unhurried, massaging myself with Electric Shave in half face, lathering the other half face while it evaporates. The freshness of the product was clearly seen . Finally, lathering the half face with Electric, and going to shave. My passes as I usually do . A razor edge for each half-face, not to invalidate the test. First pass, second lathering, second pass, third lathering bottom of the face, and last pass and retouches in difficult areas, changing directions, leading the lather with left hand from one area to another.

Very good shave, BBS. Although I like most in the shower. But doing it in the mirror without water running down my back had allowed me to hear the sound of the Weber haircut. Normally the sound of the water in the shower does not permit that.

On the product tested, the Electric Shave, I had not noticed significant differences in one half of the face versus the other. I did not know if there were, but I had not noticed. It must be said, a nice freshness, it did not spoil the foam, since it had evaporated quickly and you can lather the same way as it is not a greasy film . But I had not been able to find differences about slip issue.

Finally, I applied a generous dose of Agua Balsamica and then I felt I was in heaven, in a Mediterranean heaven. I touch my face and yes, maybe I noticed a little softer half face in which I had applied the Electric Shave, but the difference was very subtle, very subtle. I tried it with both hands, and corroborated it, a little softer the half in which I applied the Electric. But was not determinative, it was not scientifically proven, perhaps suggestion, because I had called my little son, who knew nothing of the test, to pass his hand over my face and he said I had softer the half face on I had not applied the product. You see. This is what I got. I do not think it will be a product that I will use a lot, because usually I do not use pre-shave products. But I know who to give it away.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: In next posts maybe you can meet Mr Miquel Ricou.

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