Myrsol After Shave Range – Blue

Hi friends.
Here we are again to speak about Myrsol After Shave range. Some info, opinion, and pics. Will not be a formal review, just my thoughts. Maybe you remember this post with an ingredients chart Myrsol After Shave Range – Ingredients chart

Myrsol Blue. Ah, great! Pay attention, please.

If smeared of Plastic Shave you can go quietly to the clinic to visit a former girlfriend who has just become a mother, with a bouquet of flowers in your hand, giving her a brotherly kiss on the cheek with a delicate scent of talc and roses in your smooth face, while you tell her how lovely is her baby, and to the father that obviously the child is his, no doubt, due the resemblance, ha ha;

and if smeared with F/EXTRA you can go to Havana with a linen suit to a wild night of Danzon with spectacular caribbean women, or something easier and affordable, spying the reaction of the ladies in the elevator of the office;

with a dip in Myrsol Blue you can go as a true gentleman to a party at the Ritz or the Renaissance, with tuxedo suit, the Patek Philippe at wrist, and a sophisticated partner, bejeweled with simple elegance, dizzying cleavage, wasp waist, and shapely thighs on stilettos. Upon entering the room, all men will distract with your partner and you’ll capture the attention of the women, by the sublime aroma of Myrsol Blue. Gentleman at his finest. You will blow like a blowfish. Self-esteem skyrocket. You’ll feel the King.

If you like other blue after shaves, you will like Myrsol Blue. But it’s not the same. This is blue too, but it plays in a different league, the Champions League of the After shaves. It is quite similar but quite different. It is infinitely better, very classy!

Come on, enough of poetry, tales of princes and cinderellas. Science. There it goes.

Kind Regards. The Good Doctor, your crazy friend.

PS: Next post will be about Myrsol Formula C.

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